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on Hedera

Delivering products and services for the benefit of the Hedera ecosystem

From the team that founded and built out Hedera, Swirlds Labs provides development and support for the Hedera network, and will be building open-source components that enable faster deployment of industry solutions. From the brain of Dr. Leemon Baird, the inventor of hashgraph, Swirlds Labs’ ‘moonshot’ projects will change the way humans and organizations have privacy, security, and trust in cyberspace.

Hedera Development

Providing open-sourced engineering and support for the core network platform, built on hashgraph, and services layer, comprising of the Hedera Consensus Service, Hedera Token Service, and Hedera Smart Contract Service to ensure that Hedera is the fastest, most secure, and robust public network in the industry.

Community Tools

Building and delivering open-source tools for the overall benefit of the Hedera community. The first tool is HashScan, a ledger explorer for the Hedera public ledger built on the open-source mirror-node code from Hedera.

Open-source Enterprise Components

Working with some of the world’s leading enterprises on the Hedera Council has provided insight to their needs to adopt the network for their mission-critical applications. To ease their adoption, Swirlds Labs may develop APIs and open source components for services including: loyalty token management, bond issuances, NFT marketplaces, and peer-to-peer payments.

Leemon’s Lab Projects

Leemon has long been focused on building a more secure and trusted online world for everyone. The labs division will incubate projects as varied as 'Shared Worlds' and 'DeRec':

DeRec enables you to sleep well at night knowing you can always recover your account securely, regardless of where you’ve stored your hbars, even if you misplace your private keys.

Shared Worlds - it’s your online world - live in it safely by carving out your own piece of cyberspace - collaborate, play games, conduct commerce, and control your own online footprint.



An open-source ledger explorer and analytics platform for the Hedera network.

The Vision

“A vision to enable ‘Shared Worlds’, where anyone can gather, collaborate, conduct commerce, and control their own online footprint.” 

Our Founders

Meet the individuals who dreamed of creating a trusted, secure, and digital future for all.


Mance Harmon

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Dr. Leemon Baird

Co-founder & Co-CEO


Join The Team

Come work with the brightest people in the world developing tools for the fastest transactional and popular cryptocurrency.


Build On Hedera

Swirlds Labs works with leading partners to enable enterprises and web3 firms to benefit from Hedera’s technology.


Join the Team

Come work with the brighest people in the world developing tools for the fastest transactional and popular cryptocurrency.