A JSON-RPC Relay Community Service

Currently in beta & for testing purposes only.

Hashio is a Swirlds Labs hosted service based on the open-source Hedera JSON-RPC-Relay. It provides a JSON-RPC API interface, on top of Hedera’s native API transactions, that offers a familiar Ethereum-like API.

The Hashio JSON-RPC relay implementation is in beta, offers limited functionality today, and intended for developers. Global rate limits are calculated based on a specified amount of HBAR that can be spent per a period of time, which currently defaults to 50 hbars per minute (subject to change), as well as a specified number of requests that can be made per an IP address per a period of time, which currently defaults to 100 to 1,600 requests, depending on the endpoint tier, per IP address per minute (subject to change). To contribute feedback or log errors, please submit them as issues in the GitHub repository.

Mainnet (Chain ID: 295)
Testnet (Chain ID: 296)
Previewnet (Chain ID: 297)

Wallet Support

Use existing JSON-RPC supported wallets, such as Metamask, with the public Hedera previewnet, testnet, and mainnet. Hashio supports cryptocurrency transfers and transaction signing, enabling developers to test their EVM-based applications with ease.

Developer Tooling & Environments

Implement the public Hedera previewnet, testnet, and mainnet into JSON-RPC-supported development tools and environments. Hashio enables developers to utilize familiar toolsets for building new or porting existing EVM-based applications faster. Review a list of supported endpoints here.

Open Source

The JSON-RPC Relay is open source — anyone can review, compile, fork, and contribute back to the codebase.

Swirlds Labs Status

The official page for real-time updates on the status of the Swirlds Labs community service offerings that operate across the Hedera previewnet, testnet, and mainnet.