HashioDAO on Hedera

Decentralized Governance with Hedera

HashioDAO leverages Hedera Hashgraph’s technology to streamline the creation and management of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), offering a user-friendly platform for diverse governance models, including multisig wallets and token/NFT-based voting. It integrates features like IPFS for proposal documentation and customizable voting parameters, fostering transparent, community-driven governance.

Within the Hedera ecosystem, HashioDAO demonstrates the network’s capability for advanced decentralized applications. As a pivotal tool for democratic governance, HashioDAO is empowering communities and organizations seeking decentralized decision-making solutions..

Effortless DAO Creation & Management

Launch your DAO effortlessly with HashioDAO, simplifying governance tokens and multi-sign security without requiring advanced technical knowledge.

Customizable Governance Models

Customize your DAO with HashioDAO’s flexible tools for token/NFT voting and specific governance parameters, embodying your community’s values.

Empowered Community Participation

HashioDAO promotes inclusivity and collective decision-making, enabling members to shape the organization’s future through transparent voting and participation.

HashioDAO Walkthrough

Discover how to easily establish your DAO on the Hedera network with HashioDAO, guiding you from governance selection to voting customization for transparent, decentralized community empowerment.

Understanding the Basics of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Explore the fundamentals of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) in our learning center article.

Simplify your Decentralized Governance with these HashioDAO Features

User Interface

HashioDAO offers a next web app interface, providing Hedera users with a straightforward, intuitive platform to easily create and manage their DAOs, removing complexity.

Multi-Signature Security (MultiSig)

The platform supports multi-signature wallets, allowing a group of people to control the DAO’s assets collectively.

Token/NFT-based Voting

Users have the ability to enable governance through token or NFT holdings, where the voting power of each member is weighted by the amount of tokens of NFTs the individual holds.

Treasury Management

Users can manage the DAO’s treasury, accepting contributions in HBAR or other Hedera-associated tokens, facilitating the financial operations of the DAO (including funding proposals to executing community decisions).

Proposal Creation and Voting System

HashioDAO allows for the creation of proposals, which can be as simple as text proposals or involve financial transactions.

IPFS for Proposal Documentation

The platform integrates with the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for secure and decentralized storage of proposal documents. All materials related to decision-making are immutable and accessible to all members.