Introducing Swirlds Labs – Accelerating the future, built on Hedera

Hello Future. Today, we take an exciting step in the further decentralization and growth of the Hedera network. As part of the Hedera Governing Council’s decisions to enable broader market participation on the Hedera network, we, along with the majority of the Hedera Hashgraph team, have now formally launched Swirlds Labs. For those who haven’t […]

HashScan, the open-source ledger explorer hosted by Swirlds Labs for the Hedera community

Mirror-nodes are an important component of the Hedera ecosystem, and fundamental to the overall architecture of the Hedera network. Thanks to DragonGlass ( and Kabuto ( the community has had two public options with nice user interfaces to access information about transactions on Hedera since Open Access of the Hedera network in September 2019. However, […]