Patches: A New Chapter

Hello Hedera Enthusiasts!! It’s hard to believe it’s been over two years since I first joined this vibrant community. My journey in the Hedera ecosystem has been highly rewarding. The cornerstone of this network is not just Hedera’s cutting-edge technology, but the amazing people that make up the entire Hedera community. Today, I’m excited to […]

How Swirlds Labs aims to be a good steward of hbars from Hedera

In April 2022, Hedera announced that the Hedera Governing Council had entered into an agreement to outsource essential services previously performed by Hedera Hashgraph, LLC personnel to Swirlds Labs, as the Council continued its focus on network governance, industry standards, public policy, and treasury management. (Mance Harmon, Dr. Leemon Baird, and Hedera Development and…) Those […]

HashScan Update: Stake-Weighted Node Information & Delegation Functionality

HashScan now reflects stake-weighted node insights and staking delegation functionality. The latter allows for connecting a supported Hedera ecosystem wallet and staking to a node directly within HashScan. With technical availability of native Hedera staking for both the Hedera testnet and mainnet as of July 21, 2022, HashScan has incorporated staking stake-weighted node information and […]

Introducing Swirlds Labs – Accelerating the future, built on Hedera

Hello Future. Today, we take an exciting step in the further decentralization and growth of the Hedera network. As part of the Hedera Governing Council’s decisions to enable broader market participation on the Hedera network, we, along with the majority of the Hedera Hashgraph team, have now formally launched Swirlds Labs. For those who haven’t […]

HashScan, the open-source ledger explorer hosted by Swirlds Labs for the Hedera community

Mirror-nodes are an important component of the Hedera ecosystem, and fundamental to the overall architecture of the Hedera network. Thanks to DragonGlass ( and Kabuto ( the community has had two public options with nice user interfaces to access information about transactions on Hedera since Open Access of the Hedera network in September 2019. However, […]