HashScan now reflects stake-weighted node insights and staking delegation functionality. The latter allows for connecting a supported Hedera ecosystem wallet and staking to a node directly within HashScan.

With technical availability of native Hedera staking for both the Hedera testnet and mainnet as of July 21, 2022, HashScan has incorporated staking stake-weighted node information and delegation functionality directly into the explorer’s dashboard.

Node & Staking Information
Users of HashScan now have a section that highlights stake-weighted node information.

This section allows anyone to see the following high-level attributes for each node: Node Number, Account ID, Node Description, Total Stake, Stake Not Rewarded, Last Reward Rate, and the Staking Range minimum & maximum bounds.


When clicking or tapping into an individual node, you’re offered more granular information about that node — this includes the node’s individual attributes, such as public keys & endpoints, as well as information related to staking rewards, rates, and periods.


Based on the information in these two newly created sections, anyone can easily discern which node is ideal to stake their account, based on their individual situation.

Staking Delegation Functionality
If you’d like to begin staking your account to a node today without rewards, you can do so through HashPack, Blade, Wallawallet, MyHBARWallet, and Yamgo wallets. It’s expected that other HBAR-supported wallet providers and exchanges will offer staking functionality in the future.

Once staking rewards are live (more information about Hedera’s phased staking roll-out can be found below), HashScan will enable functionality that allows for an account to directly stake to a node by connecting an ecosystem wallet.

Hedera Native Staking Updates
We are currently in Phase II of native Hedera Staking, which focuses on ecosystem development and technical integrations for wallets & exchanges.

Once Phase III begins and rewards are enabled, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a percentage reward for staking HBAR in your account to a particular active node. The start of Phase III (and the effective reward rate) will be voted on by the Hedera Governing Council and based on the determination of sufficient ecosystem integrations.

Open Source Contributions
Swirlds Labs has contributed back to the open source repository for the Hedera Mirror Node Explorer
to reflect the staking functionality outlined above. It can be adopted by anyone building a Hedera network explorer using the open source software for their implementation.

For questions or feedback, please submit an issue in the GitHub repository: https://github.com/hashgraph/hedera-mirror-node-explorer