Dr. Leemon Baird Takes on New Chief Scientist Role and Mance Harmon to Serve as Chairman

Swirlds Labs, an organization providing support and development of the open source Hedera network, today announced the promotion of Eric Piscini from COO and CRO, to CEO. With this appointment, Co-CEO Dr. Leemon Baird takes on the new role of Chief Scientist, exclusively focused on the technical development of the network and related products and services. Co-CEO Mance Harmon will serve as Chairman of the Board of Swirlds Labs, focused on strategic projects and company growth.

Dr. Leemon Baird said, “Over the past two years, the Swirlds Labs team has not only been focused on the ongoing development of the Hedera network, but has also brought to market projects including Hedera’s Stablecoin Studio, piloted by multiple global banks, and the DeRec Alliance, working across the Hedera and Algorand ecosystems. I am thrilled that Eric is stepping into this new role, allowing me to dedicate my time completely to areas of technical development, including the ongoing growth of the open source community, as well as further network developments such as state proofs, which are critical for sharding and bridging.

“Since Eric joined our team a year ago, his leadership has allowed the company to grow and Leemon and me to focus on technology vision and product strategy,” said Mance Harmon, Chairman of Swirlds Labs. “I am grateful to Eric for stepping into the role and taking on the day to day operational responsibilities of CEO, so we can focus and capitalize on market opportunities – in areas such as responsible AI and Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) – for the Swirlds Labs team and broader Hedera ecosystem.”

“I am honored to lead Swirlds Labs, an organization that continues to be at the forefront of innovative development in Web3,” said Eric Piscini, CEO. “In this new capacity, I am excited to work closely with our entire brilliant team to aggressively advance network innovation and ecosystem development, driving adoption of Hedera by every organization around the globe.”

About Swirlds Labs
From the team that founded and built out Hedera, Swirlds Labs provides development and support for the Hedera network and builds open source components that enable faster deployment of industry solutions. From the brain of Dr. Leemon Baird, the inventor of hashgraph, Swirlds Labs’ ‘moonshot’ projects will change the way humans and organizations have privacy, security, and trust in cyberspace. For more information, visit www.swirldslabs.com.